Best of 765 876 vol 01

Best of 765 876 vol 01

THE [email protected] BEST OF 765+876=!! VOL.2 Track number: 18 Release date: June 2, 2010 Artist: Haruka Amami (CV: Eriko Nakamura) Yayoi Takatsuki (CV: Mayako Nigo) Miki Hoshii (CV: Akiko Hasegawa) Ritsuko Akizuki (CV: Naomi Wakabayashi) Makoto Kikuchi (CV: Hiromi Hirata) Chihaya Kisaragi (CV: Asami Imai) Yukiho Hagiwara (CV: Yurina Hase)THE [email protected] BEST OF 765+876=!! VOL.01 《Normal Edition》COCX-36190 2,200YEN: Tax included (Without tax 2,095YEN) 《Memory Special Edition》COCX-36237 3,500YEN: Tax included (Without tax 3,333YEN) - LP Size ( Width 320mm× Length 320mm× Height 33mm) - Comes with luxury box package (Holds up the 4CDs and their booklet)the [email protected] best of 765+876=!! vol Best of 765 876 vol 01.01 天海春香(中村繪里子)、菊地真(平田宏美)、高槻彌生(仁後真耶子)、我那霸響(沼倉愛美)、日高愛(戶松遙) 「the 愛」 遊戲《偶像大師》相關歌曲 6月23日 the [email protected] best of 765+876=!! vol.03

Vol.1 では765プロと876プロアイドル達のお馴染みのソロ曲の他にも新曲「THE 愛」を 収録。 1枚のCDにアイドルマスターの魅力をぎっしりと詰め込んだ、このメモリアルベストの シリーズ1枚目を飾るに相応しい最高のアルバムです!Kotori Otonashi. Kotori Otonashi (音無小鳥, Otonashi Kotori) is the daughter of a former idol and office clerk from 765 Production, and initially appeared in THE [email protected]: Live for You Best of 765 876 vol 01. She is voiced by Juri Takita (滝田樹里 , Takita Juri).vol.01」収録 「フラワーガール」 四条貴音 「Best of 765+876! 「Day of the future」 星井美希 「 THE [email protected] MASTER ARTIST 2 -FIRST SEASON- 03 星井美希 」収録

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00 “hello!!” 01 水谷絵理 02 秋月涼 03 日高愛 ・[al] the [email protected] best of 765+876=!!シリーズ vol.01 vol.02 vol.03 ・[al] 765pro allstars+ [email protected] best! <ドラマCD> ・各コミック第3巻付録ドラマcd <書籍> ・[攻略本] ディアリースターズ デリシャスアルバムThe series primarily centers on the career of a producer who works with a group of prospective pop idols at the talent agency 765 Production. Originally released as an arcade game in 2005, the franchise has grown to numerous ports , sequels and spin-offs across multiple video game consoles , including three social network games .THE [email protected] BEST OF 765+876=!! series consists of five CDs. Volumes 01-03 are made up of older material, except for one new song on each volume (THE Ai, DREAM and LOST, respectively). Each of the volumes was sold in one "Standard Edition" and one "Memory Special Edition", the latter including a special item.

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the [email protected] master best of 765+876=!! vol.01 - 2번 트랙. 담당 아이돌은 타카츠키 야요이. the [email protected] master artist 2 -first season- 09.the 愛는 the [email protected] best of 765+876=!! vol.01 에 출시된 오리지널 곡이다. the [email protected] station!!!에서 188번째 방송에 출현. 아사쿠라 아즈미, 하라 유미와 누마쿠라 마나미가 담당하였다.개요. master of master'에 계속되는 베스트 앨범 제 2탄.'the [email protected]'시리즈의 5주년의 집대성으로서 작성되었다. vol. 01 - 03으로 라이브 회장 한정반 1매의 모두 4매가 발매되고 있다. vol. 01 - 03에는, 메모리얼 한정판과 통상판이 있다.