Mate l vol.15

Mate l vol.15

We selected 169 clutches of which the pair's breeding status was known. Within these clutches, we compared the breeding biology of females that mate monogamously, females that started breeding early with a polygamous male (primary females) and late breeding females that chose an already mated male (secondary females).pany mate loss, and the potential fitness benefits acquired from bet-hedging via genetic diversification are but a few examples of these unmentioned factors. Additional factors not yet incorporated in these initial stages of the model’s 754 Behavioral Ecology Vol. 15 No. 5Vol 15, No 2 (2017) Table of Contents Agricultural economics. Is the increase of scale in the tropics a pathway to smallholders? Dimension and ecological zone effect.

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Gottschall, Jonathan Martin, Johanna Quish, Hadley and Rea, Jon 2004. Sex differences in mate choice criteria are reflected in folktales from around the world and in historical European literature.

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