Facebook cant see album comment

Facebook cant see album comment

I have had this issue from the beginning. It seems to be random, some ppl I can see their albums and some say they don't have any albums, which I know has to not be right because if you have a profile pic then you at least have one album. It hasn't bothered me too much except for it happens with my daughter's account.You probably knew you could post photos to Facebook in a status update, but did you know you can post a picture in a comment you make on someone else's post on Facebook? It hasn't always been possible though. It wasn't until June 2013 that the social network began supporting photo-commenting, and it's built right into the website and mobile app.

on facebook can you make it so certain people cant see your photo albums. of friends you don't want to see your album. Source(s): facebook. 0 0 0.Do you know how to tag your Facebook groups members ? Tagging members is a good way to start a conversation, increase the visibility of your posts, engage your members and build a relationship with them. When you tag members, you create links to their profiles. Other members can click on the names and go to see the tagged members’ profiles.

when I open Facebook I cant see any content. Also other website with active content do not appear to work. I have just installed via Virgin media even the captch ON f-sECURE CHAT DOESN'T WORK

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How to Make It So Someone on Facebook Can't See Your Pictures. Adding business contacts and colleagues to your Facebook friends list is a convenient way to network and interact with them, but you might not want some contacts to see your more personal photo uploads Facebook cant see album comment. Facebook allows you to configure the privacy.8. Comment on this post a screenshot of the invite. 9. Tell us "YOUR STORY" by sending us an email at [email protected] with the subject line "OUR STORY" - kindly leave a contact number as well. Once our page reached 10,000 likes : 1. We will select ONE LUCKY COUPLE thru their submitted STORY - so make sure to write it with love 2.Invisible Facebook Friends Can See You, But You Can't See Them. Facebook zombies: You can't see them, you can't unfriend them, and you can't block them. Facebook friends are forever, whether you want them or not. Here's how anyone can use account deactivations as a creepy spying tool.

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Where Are My Albums | New Facebook App This Video Tutorial will help You Find Your Albums on The New Facebook Mobile App If You Like The Video Than don't Forget to Like, Share, Comment & SubscribeI can't see album photos from Instagram in Facebook. Since last week I couldn't see the photos post from all my friends in Facebook. I don´t know why and in help.Learn how to post photo comments on Facebook using the Facebook app on your Android device. To post a photo comment on Facebook for Android, the photo has to be already saved in your gallery Facebook cant see album comment.