Leaf white album 2 introductory chapter

Leaf white album 2 introductory chapter

White Album 2 (ホワイトアルバム2, Howaito Arubamu 2) is a trilogy of Japanese adult visual novels developed by the visual novel company Leaf for the Microsoft Windows PC, and is the sequel to Leaf's earlier visual novel, White Album. The first part of the series, named White Album 2: Introductory Chapter, wasWHITE ALBUM 2~introductory chapter~免DVD补丁(NODVD Patch) WHITE ALBUM 2~introductory chapter~V1.02版免DVD补丁(NODVD Patch) 白色相册2~introductory chapter~汉化补丁; WHITE ALBUM2 -introductory chapter-V1.02升级补丁; 白色相簿2(WHITE ALBUM2)简体中文汉化补丁V1.00初回完整版Please see the White Album 2 Guidelines for details. Could we get access to the tools used to extract the text? Unfortunately, the tools will remain closed for the time being. However, all the text that needs to be translated, in proper wiki format, will be made available. From time to time, we will release patches that reflect the work on the.

white album2는 leaf社의 18금 연애 어드벤처 게임으로 1998년 5월 1일에 발매된 white album의 속편이다. 전작의 약 10년 후 [1]를 무대로 하고 있지만, 이야기상의 직접적인 연결은 없고 작중에 나오는 음악이나 인명을 통해 동일 세계를 공유하고 있음을 암시하는 정도다.The leading open-source community-based nyaa.se successor, suitable for all anime and manga needs. にゃんぱす~!Leaf - White Album 2 (Introductory Chapter+Closing Chapter Set Edition) by Leaf. Publication date 2011-12-22 Topics eroge, visual novel, packaging Language Japanese.

White Album 2 Developer(s) Leaf Publisher(s) Leaf Director(s) Takeshi Nakamura Producer(s) Naoya Shimokawa Platform(s) Microsoft Windows PC Release date(s) Introductory Chapter JP March 26, 2010Closing Chapter TBA Genre(s) Eroge, Visual novel Mode(s) Single-player White Album 2 (ホワイトアルバム2 , Howaito Arubamu 2? ) is a duology of Japanese adult visual novels developed by the.

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As if to match the guitar I play in the afternoon music classroom. As if to match the piano someone plays in the next room. The pure singing voice from the rooftop connects the three disconnected melodies. It all started on such a day in late autumn. At that time, someone fell in love. Everyone was doing their best. Everyone pushed on. Everyone was intent and honest… We formed a bond and.[檔案名稱]:[20111222] [Leaf] WHITE ALBUM 2 ~introductory chapter + closing chapter~ セット版 [圖片原畫]: なかむらたけし 、 桂憲一郎 、 柳沢まさひで [圖片預覽]: 官網 / G網Originalmente lançado como uma visual novel adulta, os dois primeiros games de White Album 2 ("Introductory Chapter" e "Closing Chapter") foram lançados pela desenvolvedora Leaf em 2010 e 2011, respectivamente, apenas para a plataforma da Microsoft Windows, enquanto o último ("Shiawase no Mukōgawa") foi publicado em 2012 para o PlayStation.

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White Album 2 (ホワイトアルバム2) is a Japanese Visual Novel produced by Leaf.Although it shares the same name as White Album as well being set in the same world, albeit almost two decades later, it bears little connection to the first game/anime aside from the songs that it reuses from the former: the titular White Album, sung by Yuki Morikawa, and Sound of Destiny sung by Rina Ogata.White Album 2: ~Introductory Chapter~ is an Adventure game, developed and published by Leaf, which was released in Japan in 2010.WHITE ALBUM 2~introductory chapter~ OP