Patreon yaoi gumroad firenzesaika

Patreon yaoi gumroad firenzesaika

New Manga Translation on my Patreon and Gumroad - by JashinSlayer. Writer, Japanese/Korean Translator, Smut Peddler, Toonophile. Male. Japanese Translator. n/a. Tokyo, Japan. Joined on 1/28/08. Patreon.This is the yaoi version of my story Kitsune Style, Naruto meets a new friend after sakura yells at him. Smarter Naruto, powerful but not 'too' much and sakura and sasuke bashing and so of ino but she'll get better. I will be rewritting my story 'Kitsune Style' soon.Extended Demo Available Now! - A Fantasy BL/Yaoi Visual Novel. Two and a Half Studios. Visual Novel. To Trust an Incubus - Full Game! Bara Yaoi BL Visual Novel. .99. The temp worker Kenta is trapped in a lab with four sexy incubus aliens from another dimension! Y Press Games.

Yaoi Ai. com is a web community focused on the yaoi anime characters - anime yaoi. The site includes a large gallery, yaoi forum, english yaoi oekaki, and yaoi stories. We also have a roleplay area so yaoi fans can roleplay all their yaoi scenarioscreating Yaoi/BL illustrations so it would be very nice if you can support me so that I can continue to make more awesome artwork in the future! XD!! THIS PATREON TAKES PAYMENTS UP FRONT. KEEP THAT IN MIND. BEFORE PLEDGING! IF YOU CHANGE YOUR PLEDGE DURING THE MONTH, YOU WILL. BE CHARGED IMMEDIATELY. I SUGGEST YOU TO PLEDGE THE 1st OF THE MONTH.patreon was supposed to be used as a tip jar, not a primary source of income/using patreon to live off of, so keeping commissions open and working on things on the side is a better way of operating your patreon than straight up setting your whole financial life to revolve around it.

Hi, guys! Ink-Mix Studio is a writer/artist duo. Blanxe is the one behind the stories and scripts, and R.Molinas turn them into comics. Since 2010, we're creating homoerotic novels and comics. You will have early access to our comics pages, extras, one-shots and short comics; You'll see sketches, illustrations, character designs, NSFW.

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Find games tagged Gay and Yaoi like Dawn Chorus, A TAVERN FOR TEA, The Legend of Heavenly Mist [Full], Love and Formaldehyde [DEMO], Demon Kiss on itch.io, the indie game hosting marketplace.Gaia Online is an online hangout, incorporating social networking, forums, gaming and a virtual world.The Yaoi Wiki features articles on any and all work pertaining to the Yaoi, Shounen-ai, Bara genres, every one of them! The superabundant amount of joy found in the bountiful quantity of content from print, games to anime cannot be understated. Currently there are 2,244 articles, enjoy creating pages then editing them with official information on series and favorite characters on the only wiki.

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Next (Yaoi) Yumemiru Otokonoko Chap 2. 11 comments Yumemiru Otokonoko – Diamondking nói: 06/12/2016 lúc 23:49 […] Chap 1 — Chap 2 — Chap 3 — Chap 4.Adult Historical Mature Romance Smut Yaoi. Wang Yisheng was just a mere kitchenhand, yet on his way home, he was suddenly attacked by a stranger. This proud meow man forcibly made use of his cucumber, and even under the influence of an aphrodisiac, he was exceptionally arrogant. Baring himself to him and bestowing him the blessing of being able.~Yaoi Roleplay Paradise~ has 6,277 members. Yaoi Rp Paradise is a group that was created for everyone to enjoy without being shamed. The rules are simple and very easy to follow. Advertisement is