Kerber c w et al biorheology vol 26 1998

Kerber c w et al biorheology vol 26 1998

We used the Lives Saved Tool (LiST) to estimate deaths averted if midwifery was scaled up in 78 countries classified into three tertiles using the Human Development Index (HDI). We selected interventions in LiST to encompass the scope of midwifery practice, including prepregnancy, antenatal, labour, birth, and post-partum care, and family planning. Modest (10%), substantial (25%), or universal.8 Diamanti C, Manali E, Ginieri-Coccossis M et al. Depression, physical activity, energy consumption, and quality of life in OSA patients before and after CPAP treatment. Sleep Breath; 2013;17:1159-68, 23386373. Google Scholar; 9 Antic NA, Catcheside P, Buchan C et al.The deposition of intralumenal thrombus in intracranial aneurysms adds a risk of thrombo-embolism over and above that posed by mass effect and rupture. In addition to biochemical factors, hemodynamic factors that are governed by lumenal geometry and blood flow rates likely play an important role in the thrombus formation and deposition process. In this study, patient-specific computational.

Read the latest articles of Biorheology at ScienceDirect, Elsevier’s leading platform of peer-reviewed scholarly literature Skip to Journal menu Skip to Issue articles ScienceDirectVol 45, 2019 Vol 44, 2018 Vol 43, 2017 Vol 42, 2016 Vol 41, 2015 Vol 40, 2014 Vol 39, 2013 Vol 38, 2012 Vol 37, 2010-2011 Vol 36, 2010 Vol 35, 2008-2009 Volume 34, 2007-2008 Vol 33, 2007 Vol 32, 2006 Vol 31, 2005 Vol 30, 2004 Vol 29, 2003 Vol 28, 2002 Vol 27, 2001 Vol 26, 2000 Vol 25, 1999 Vol 24, 1998 Vol 23, 1997 Vol 22, 1996 Vol 21, 1995 Vol.The aggregation of blood components on the blood-contacting surface of a medical device will reduce its reliability and lifetime. Such aggregations are known to be generated by sheared-flow activation of blood components which themselves are greatly influenced by flow patterns. This is especially important in the case of a microfluidic system. A numerical simulation was conducted to evaluate Kerber c w et al biorheology vol 26 1998.

Original Article from The New England Journal of Medicine — Outcomes of Rapid Defibrillation by Security Officers after Cardiac Arrest in Casinos

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Cardiac arrest is defined as the termination of cardiac activity associated with loss of consciousness, of spontaneous breathing, and of circulation. Sudden cardiac arrest and sudden cardiac death (SCD) are terms often used interchangeably. Most patients with out-of-hospital cardiac arrest have shown coronary artery disease or symptoms during the hour before the event. Cardiac arrest is.Background and Purpose—The failure to recognize an ischemic stroke in the emergency department is a missed opportunity for acute interventions and for prompt treatment with secondary prevention theSorteberg et al analyzed the in vitro effects of coiling, though their technique relied on bulk measurements of flow and pressure. 12 Imbesi and Kerber previously reported a qualitative slipstream analysis by use of isobaric dye to evaluate effect the of stenting and coiling of a wide-necked aneurysm 13; however, no formal computational fluid.

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Numerous computational and experimental studies of cerebral aneurysms have been carried out using realistic geometries obtained from medical images (Cebral et al. 2005b, Hassan et al. 2004, Jou et al. 2003, Kerber et al. 1999, Shojima et al. 2004, Steinman et al. 2003, Tateshima et al. 2003a, Valencia & Solis 2006). These investigations reveal.Biorheology is an international interdisciplinary journal that publishes research on the deformation and flow properties of biological systems or materials. It is the aim of the editors and publishers of Biorheology to bring together contributions from those working in various fields of biorheological research from all over the world.OBJECTIVE To compare the relative efficacy of anteroanterior v anteroposterior electrode pad positions for external cardioversion of atrial fibrillation. DESIGN Prospective randomised trial. SETTING Tertiary referral cardiology centre in the United Kingdom. PATIENTS 90 patients undergoing elective cardioversion for atrial fibrillation. INTERVENTIONS Cardioversion was attempted with self.